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Other International Executive Board Resolutions

Union-made Uniforms

International Executive Board, 2002

WHEREAS, AFSCME is painfully aware of the decline of American Manufacturing, as it results immediately in the impoverishment of local public services in our communities, and,

WHEREAS, AFSCME has fought for fair trade policies side-by-side with the industrial unions, and

WHEREAS, despite labor's best efforts, the trend continues, and new strategies are required to save manufacturing jobs, and

WHEREAS, through our substantial influence on the purchase of work uniforms, we can make a real impact on the problem,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that AFSCME pledges to use its influence to make sure that our employers purchase only union-made uniforms, and, in cases where our contracts provide for uniform allowances, we will use our influence to assure that stores carry only union-made brands.