Joseph P. Rugola

Joseph P. Rugola

Columbus, Ohio

Joseph P. Rugola has served as the Executive Director of the Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE) since 1988. Prior to his appointment as Executive Director, Joe served as the union's Field Director and as a Field Representative. Under his leadership, OAPSE has grown from just over 25,000 members to more than 34,000.

Since 1988, Joe has served as an International Vice President of AFSCME. Joe served as Chairman of the Ohio AFL-CIO's Task Force on Political Action, where he created the "Take Back Ohio" program. He is a Vice President of the Ohio AFL-CIO, and in April of 2007 was elected as the federation President, a position he held until 2011.

Joe is an at-large member of the Democratic National Committee and an elected member of the Ohio Democratic Party State Executive Committee from the 3rd District.

Joe is recognized in the trade union movement and among educators as one of Ohio's most vocal and effective advocates for working families and strong public education.

He is a graduate of The Ohio State University, earning his degree in Political Science in 1972.