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A Simple Yet Powerful New Year’s Resolution

Here’s a way to help AFSCME grow stronger so our union can help working people everywhere.
By Raju Chebium ·
A Simple Yet Powerful New Year’s Resolution

AFSCME members have a lot at stake in 2017 and the next few years. This may be the rockiest political terrain working people have encountered in our union’s 85-year history.

On the national level, the labor movement is, to quote AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders, ready to help President-elect Donald Trump course-correct and do right by working people.

On the ground level, committed AFSCME members can help working people in one powerful way — by having one-on-one conversations with nonmembers about the benefits and value of joining AFSCME. Click here to volunteer to be an ambassador for our union.

Our collective voice will be stronger when more people join the chorus in favor of working people’s rights, protections and futures. Let us resolve to help working people everywhere. 

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