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Adams County workers unanimously ratify historic contract

Photo credit: AFSCME Staff.
Adams County workers unanimously ratify historic contract

In a huge affirmation for the bargaining team, every member of AFSCME Local 3927 (Council 18) voted for the first collective bargaining agreement for Adams County, Colorado, employees.

The historic contract includes yearly raises for human service workers, just cause disciplinary procedures, a neutral grievance procedure, bilingual pay stipends and salary increases, and requires the creation of labor management committees to address worker concerns.

In an election held Aug. 4-5, 100% of all Local 3927 members who participated in the ratification process voted to ratify the negotiated agreement. Over two years in the making, the local’s bargaining team began negotiations with the county shortly after winning the union in September 2019.

“We won our union and now we’re fulfilling our promise of improving working conditions for Adams County employees and their families,” said Heather Burke, a bargaining team member and a social case worker who recently won AFSCME’s Never Quit Service Award.

Connie Derr, Council 18’s executive director and an AFSCME vice president, facilitated the informational sessions leading up to the vote.

“This is the first contract for Adams County employees, and we fought hard to lay a strong foundation for future negotiations,” Derr said. “Clearly, that hard work paid off because there wasn't a single voting member who disagreed with what we won in the contract.”

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