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AFSCME condemns Hamas attack on Israel

Tags: Civil Rights

AFSCME’s International Executive Board passed a resolution Monday condemning Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel, in which Hamas killed at least 1,400 Israeli civilians, including at least 30 Americans, while taking nearly 200 hostages.

“AFSCME condemns the destructive and deadly Hamas assault on the people of Israel and affirms Israel’s right to lawfully defend against any further such attacks and to liberate the hostages,” reads the resolution, in part.

The resolution noted that Hamas is not a genuine representative of the Palestinian people, who deserve “the right to live freely, in peace and without the threat of violence.”

The resolution concluded by stating that “AFSCME urges all parties to prioritize the avoidance of further casualties among innocent civilians, whether Palestinian or Israeli, and supports relief efforts to address the displacement and suffering of innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip. AFSCME further urges that responsible representatives of the Palestinian people and Israel reengage in efforts to create a lasting and just peace in the region.”

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