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AFSCME launches poll worker program during tele-town hall

AFSCME launches poll worker program during tele-town hall
By AFSCME Staff ·

The people who staff polls on Election Day are crucial to the democratic process. They do much more than simply hand out “I Voted” stickers. They make Election Day run smoothly, answering questions, solving problems and helping people navigate their ballots. They are part of our civic and democratic infrastructure.

But the majority of poll workers tend to be over 60, and as the pandemic continues, posing a particular threat to seniors, communities across the country are facing shortages of these Election Day workers.

That’s why AFSCME is calling on members to serve their communities in a new way, by volunteering to work on Election Day. In a tele-town hall last night, AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders issued a call for AFSCME members to step up to ensure that polls are well-staffed on Election Day.

“We need more people to do this critical work,” Saunders said. “We are looking for a diverse group of people, especially those who are bilingual and who reflect the demographics of their communities” to volunteer to become poll workers.

“Who better to perform this important public service than people who have made a career out of public service?” Saunders added.

AFSCME members can sign up to volunteer to be poll workers on Election Day by clicking here.

AFSCME is partnering with an organization called Power the Polls to mobilize members to become poll workers. Power the Polls brings together businesses and nonprofits to educate people about opportunities to work on Election Day. They work with employers to get them to give people the day off on November 3 and ensure poll workers have the training and personal protective equipment they need to stay safe.

“This is a great way to become involved and engaged at the neighborhood level, to be on the front lines of the democratic process, to help the people in your community make their voices heard,” said Saunders.

While well-staffed polls are crucial to ensuring an efficient and smooth-running Election Day, the safety of AFSCME members is paramount. If you want to volunteer to take part on Election Day but don’t feel comfortable serving as a poll worker, there are other ways you can contribute to the effort.

Visit AFSCME’s Virtual Field Office to learn about other ways to serve your community on November 3.

Whether it’s on Election Day or throughout the pandemic, AFSCME members have stood their ground, serving on the front lines of an unprecedented public health crisis.

Learn about their bravery and sacrifices and why funding the front lines is so important.

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