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AFSCME Local 4041 Certified As Exclusive Representatives For Three Bargaining Units

Three groups of State of Nevada employees have just won recognition as AFSCME to negotiate contracts.
Photo Credit: Cyndy Hernandez
By Cyndy Hernandez ·

LAS VEGAS – Nevada state employees are one step closer to the bargaining table as the Government Employee-Management Relations Board of the State of Nevada voted unanimously today to certify AFSCME Local 4041 as the exclusive representative for three bargaining units.

About 2,000 members in all three units, who filed petitions for representation in 2019, include Unit E: Professional health care, Unit F: Nonprofessional health care and Unit I: Category III peace officers. As the exclusive representative, state employees in these units will select a team of AFSCME Local 4041 members to negotiate their first contract with the State of Nevada in the coming months.  

"This is an exciting day for Local 4041 members. We are one step closer to taking our seat at the bargaining table to negotiate wages, working conditions and safety on the job, and resources so we can continue to provide our communities with the best services possible. Thousands of Nevada state employees are ready to make changes in our workplaces through collective bargaining, and thousands more will join soon as additional units ready to file for exclusive representation as AFSCME,” said Harry Schiffman, Local 4041 president and electrician at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. 

Nevada state employees have been organizing as AFSCME Local 4041 for decades. In 2019, AFSCME members won the right for 20,000 state employees to bargain collectively over wages, working conditions and resources to improve state services.

Before negotiating a contract, state workers must file for exclusive representation with the state, based on bargaining units determined by job classifications. AFSCME members expect to head to the bargaining table with the state of Nevada in the coming months.

Above: Local 4041 members packed a hearing room as a Nevada state agency recognized AFSCME as the representative for three bargaining units.

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