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AFSCME Members Want A Voice at the DNC – To Make Their Communities Better

Photo Credit: Getty / Adamkaz
AFSCME Members Want A Voice at the DNC – To Make Their Communities Better
By AFSCME Staff ·

AFSCME members seek out every opportunity to make their voices heard. As members of the largest and boldest public service union in the nation, we fight for better public services in our communities, stand up for worker rights and protect the interests of working families, and speak with one voice at the negotiating table.

This election year is no different. As The Washington Post reports, AFSCME and three other leading unions are helping their members and union officials sort through the process of running for delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

But this political organizing program is not a special-interest chess game. Far from it. It’s about everyday heroes advocating for stronger communities at the highest level of power.

AFSCME delegates who attend the DNC in Milwaukee are public service workers who are deeply connected to their communities and understand the challenges facing working families. They will demand a candidate and policies that respond to those challenges – whether it is quelling a public health crisis like the coronavirus outbreak, eradicating childhood hunger, making sure struggling senior citizens can afford prescription drugs, or securing aid for people and communities ravaged by the opioid crisis.

In other words, these are not our country’s wealthy and well-connected  Instead, they are our friends and neighbors in middle-class America, and their involvement in the political process is rooted in their commitment to make our communities better.

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