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AFSCME optimistic about working people’s agenda under Biden-Harris administration

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AFSCME optimistic about working people’s agenda under Biden-Harris administration
By AFSCME Staff ·

AFSCME members are eager to begin working with the incoming Biden-Harris administration to move the country forward, defeat the coronavirus pandemic and advance workers’ rights.  

Lee Saunders, our union’s president, issued the following statement:

“Today at noon, the nation gets a new chief executive, one with the experience, vision and temperament to address the enormous challenges facing the nation.

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will focus relentlessly on managing and ultimately defeating this pandemic. They have a plan to get emergency help to families in the short term and to revitalize the economy in the long term. They are committed to supporting our front-line heroes, investing in the public services that make our communities happen. They will also do everything in their power to repair the nation’s fractures, to restore unity and respect after the tumult and chaos of the last four years.

 “And in everything they do, the Biden-Harris administration will make the concerns of working people their highest priority. They know that is the only way to build back better. They have an innate understanding of and deep affinity for the labor movement. They honor the sacrifices that public service workers make to keep our neighbors safe and healthy. They will fight to ensure we have the resources to do our work and the voice on the job we need to thrive.

AFSCME members organized and mobilized in huge numbers to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We now look forward to being partners with them in moving a bold pro-worker agenda.”

Many rank-and-file workers shared Saunders’ optimism about the pro-worker administration’s approach to workers’ rights and collective bargaining.

In videos featured over the weekend in Biden’s inauguration celebrations, Colorado member Josette Jaramillo (AFSCME Local 1335, Council 18) and Nevada member Sonja Whitten (Local 4041) each elaborated on their optimism.

“I am excited for a Biden-Harris administration because I think they’re going to prioritize the work that we are doing. I think they’re going to prioritize the public employees. I think they’re going to prioritize workers’ rights and make it easier to join a union,” Jaramillo said. Watch her full video here.

“I firmly believe that this administration will work diligently to improve labor laws, allowing workers to have a right to organize and form unions at the worksite and, thereby, have collective bargaining rights,” Whitten said. Watch her full video here.

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