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Call Trump to Stop the Shutdown

With a government shutdown looming, tell President Trump to act now to protect our public services.
Call Trump to Stop the Shutdown
By AFSCME Staff ·

Here we go again. In just a few days, our country faces the threat of another government shutdown, all over a multibillion dollar game of chicken President Donald Trump and extremists in Congress are playing with our nation's budget.

If our federal government shuts down, it will be because Trump has threatened to veto any budget that does not defund key pieces of the Affordable Care Act or make a $1.4 billion down payment on his proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

If this budget stalemate results in a government shutdown, even funding for state and local public service workers will be affected. A shutdown could cost us the resources we need to do our jobs, and it will cost our communities the public services they rely on.

For our communities, for our families and for our country, we need to stop this shutdown before it happens.

Those of us who spend every day making our communities stronger, safer and healthier know how important it is to keep the government running. Make sure Congress and Trump know our communities are depending on them.

Dial 877-682-6145 or click here to call Trump today and tell him to stop holding the budget hostage to his extremist agenda.

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