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Council 31 Members’ Message for Rauner: Come Back to the Table

Illinois Council 31 members are featured in an ad asking the governor to bargain with them.
Council 31 Members’ Message for Rauner: Come Back to the Table
By David Kreisman ·

Illinois state employees — AFSCME Council 31 members — are featured in a new union ad campaign pressing Governor Rauner to return to the bargaining table after breaking off negotiations in January.

Recently an Illinois Labor Relations Board hearing officer recommended that the full Board reject Rauner’s contention that the parties are at impasse on wages, health care and other key issues, and require the administration to resume negotiations with AFSCME. 

The latest ad features a correctional officer, Alanea, who was injured in a recent attack by prison inmates.

“We had taken some contraband from an inmate’s cell, and when my lieutenant was explaining to him what we took, he just hit her, and then all the other inmates joined in,” says Alanea. 

“Every day when I’m getting ready for work, I wonder how the shift is going to go.  If we’re going to have a good day, and make it home, or if it’s going to go bad,” continues Alanea. 

While AFSCME Council 31 members have agreed to limit pay raises and pay more for their health care, Governor Rauner is demanding a four-year wage freeze and doubling employee costs for health care. That would amount to a $10,000 pay cut for the average state worker.

“We want to keep our health insurance, we want to keep our right to negotiate, we just want to do our job,” concludes Alanea.

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