During Correctional Officers Week, we must recognize the challenges corrections workers face

By AFSCME Staff ·
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To honor National Correctional Officers Week, which is May 5-11, AFSCME President Lee Saunders recognized the challenges that corrections workers face.

“During the early mornings, late nights and all hours in between, corrections officers and employees work to keep our communities safe,” said Saunders in a statement.

“It is physically and mentally demanding work, and they deserve respect. But right now, widespread staffing shortages are pushing corrections officers and employees to the breaking point and putting them in grave danger. A single officer who walks the toughest beat can in some cases be responsible for hundreds of inmates during a shift. This makes corrections officers, staff and communities less safe.”

Saunders added that there is no better time than Correctional Officers Week to shine a spotlight on the crucial work that corrections professionals do and provide them the tools they need to succeed.

“The best way to honor corrections officers and employees for their service is to recognize the immense sacrifices they make and support their fight to improve their profession,” he said. “Let this week serve as a call to action to get these essential workers the support they need on the front lines.”