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In final push before election, AFSCME retirees send postcards telling voters to choose two more years of progress

Photo credit: Ariel Skelley/Getty Images
By Pete Levine ·

Retirees carry the lessons of past elections with them and know how harmful it can be when anti-worker, anti-retiree lawmakers are elected. They’ve seen their rights eroded. They’ve seen their hard-earned benefits taken away. They understand how important each election is.

That’s why more than 700 AFSCME Retirees from across the country sat down this fall to write postcards – more than 75,000 of them – to their fellow working union members. The postcards are touting the two years of progress we’ve seen under President Joe Biden’s administration. That progress includes the passage of the historic Inflation Reduction Act (which, among other things, reduces the cost of insulin for seniors), providing student debt relief, the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the American Rescue Plan and more.

Retirees also warned of the dangers of allowing political extremists to be elected.

With each postcard, they penned personal notes about the ways their lives have improved when candidates who side with workers and retirees are elected, and about the price workers and retirees  pay for voting for the wrong candidates – or just as bad, not voting at all.

Above all, they’re encouraging people to make a plan to vote. See them in action.

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