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In Tuesday’s elections, AFSCME members’ efforts pay off, especially in Virginia

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In Tuesday’s elections, AFSCME members’ efforts pay off, especially in Virginia
By Pete Levine ·

Late Tuesday, after voters flipped the Virginia House to elect a pro-worker majority in both chambers of the state’s legislature, AFSCME President Lee Saunders issued a statement celebrating the victory.

“Virginians made a strong, clear statement this election: We won’t give up our voice on the job,” Saunders said. “Across the commonwealth, AFSCME members mobilized their communities to elect candidates who will protect their hard-earned right to collectively bargain. Together, they flipped the Virginia House of Delegates and reelected labor champions to the Senate, knocking on thousands of doors in the process.”

In 2020, many public service workers in Virginia won the right to bargain collectively, after more than 40 years of having been denied that right. While there have been attempts to curb those gains, AFSCME members have fought back, and with Tuesday’s electoral victories, Saunders said he remains optimistic about the future.

“With a pro-worker majority in both chambers, the economic future for so many Virginians is much brighter,” Saunders said. “AFSCME looks forward to working with the legislature to continue progress for working people and their families.”

While Virginia was a marquee victory showcasing the strength of the Green Machine, Election Day in other states brought further victories for working families.

In Pennsylvania, for instance, Judge Daniel McCaffery’s win means that state’s Supreme Court will have an even stronger pro-worker bench.

In Arizona, AFSCME-endorsed candidates had resounding victories in mayoral and city council races in the city of Tucson.

In Kentucky, Gov. Andrew Beshear handily beat back an anti-worker challenger. AFSCME teamed up with other labor unions and pro-worker groups to propel Beshear to victory.

AFSCME-backed pro-worker candidates fared well in city, county and state races in other states as well — in California, New Mexico, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Texas and Florida.

A host of pro-worker ballot measures in several states that attracted AFSCME members’ backing also prevailed Tuesday.

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