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Labor Union Approval Hits 15-Year High

Photo Credit: Dave Kreisman
Labor Union Approval Hits 15-Year High
By Pete Levine ·

Approval of labor unions hit its highest level in 15 years, according to a survey released by Gallup.

The poll, whose results were announced today, shows that most Americans know unions remain the most effective vehicle for the power in numbers working people need to secure their rights and freedoms, as well as provide a pathway to the middle class. 

“Sixty-two percent of Americans approve of labor unions today, which is consistent with the 61% who approved last year,” according to an article describing the poll. “Before 2017, public support for unions hadn't exceeded 60% since 2003, when 65% approved.”

This news comes despite a wave of unprecedented attacks by billionaire CEOs and corporate special interests to further rig our economy and democracy against everyday Americans in favor of the wealthy and powerful. The Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case was a prime example.

Yet, support for unions “is fairly high across U.S. society, with majorities of all major gender, age, education and geographic groups approving,” Gallup found.

The survey suggests that people recognize the important role unions play in improving the working lives of workers beyond their members. People in unions win rights, benefits and protections for all working people and their communities. When union membership is high, entire communities enjoy higher wages and better benefits. This latest poll simply highlights the power that being a union member provides.

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