Never Quit winner is Miami waste collector who ‘takes the extra time’ to serve residents

By AFSCME Staff ·

As a waste collector for the city of Miami, Robert Dyer is hardly ever in the spotlight, but that’s OK with him.

Like many public service workers and AFSCME members across the nation, Dyer isn’t in it for the fame, or even the money. He’s committed to serving his community the best way he can.

“This job is more than a paycheck,” he says. “This job is helping the community out. I take it personally. I enjoy my job, I enjoy coming to work.”

Those around him have taken notice.

“Robert Dyer, he exemplifies who we should be when we go out and perform the work that we perform,” says Joe Simmons, a co-worker. “It’s important that it be someone who’s kind, someone who’s intelligent, someone who’s patient, who takes the extra time to answer any questions the citizens may need.”

For his service to his community, Dyer, a member of Local 871 (AFSCME Florida), is a winner of our union’s Never Quit Service Award, which recognizes public service workers who go above and beyond the call of duty to make their communities better.

Dyer says he goes above and beyond because it makes him proud to make his city better.

“When I’m riding around with my family … I show them all the work that we do and the pride that I take in my work,” he says. “From the street sweeping and hydraulic spills, from anything that we do with solid waste, I show them and let them know: That’s us. We did that.”