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Regardless of when results come in, vote!

Regardless of when results come in, vote!
By AFSCME Staff ·

Voters, let’s be clear – the final results of the most important election for working people in recent memory will not be available on Election Day.

There’s nothing abnormal about that.

Just nine states are likely to have nearly all of the unofficial results reported by noon the day after the election, the New York Times reports.

This year, given the record early-voter turnout and mail-in balloting, the final results are likely to take a bit longer.

So ignore the noise and the distractions and know this: The election is fair and the results are legitimate – no matter how long it takes to count all the votes and find out who will be our next president, learn what Congress and your state legislatures will look like next year, and determine the outcome of a host of local elections.

The most important message is this: Vote! If you haven’t voted early (in person or by mail), vote! Here are resources to help you.

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