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State Policy Network – What Is It and Why You Should Care

State Policy Network – What Is It and Why You Should Care
By AFSCME Staff ·

Remember this name: State Policy Network.

SPN is an umbrella organization for more than 100 anti-union, anti-worker affiliates. SPN’s goal, in its own words, is to “defund and defang” public service labor unions like AFSCME. Why? Because when unions are strong, SPN’s billionaire funders have less power over their employees and our country.

Soon, you may hear from representatives of these groups who will try to trick you into giving up your rights and hurting your pay and benefits by dropping your union membership. 

SPN affiliates and their allies use a variety of aggressive and deceptive tactics to swindle public service workers out of union-negotiated protections and the pay and benefits their families depend on. They may send mail, call you, come to your home, or turn up, unannounced, at your workplace. Affiliate names include Freedom Foundation and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, among others.

To learn all about SPN and its affiliates – and to view a map showing which SPN affiliates operate in which state – read our special report titled “Scam Alert: The real story behind the $80 million con targeting public service workers.”

Arm yourself with the facts. Don’t fall for the con.

Read “Scam Alert” and get informed.

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