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Tell Trump: Tips Are for Waiters, Not Bosses

Trump’s Labor Department wants to allow restaurant owners to keep the tips you leave for your waiter. That is, allow bosses to steal their employees’ wages.
Photo Credit: Peter Muller / Getty
By AFSCME Staff ·

A proposal by the Trump administration’s Labor Department would allow restaurant owners to keep the tips you leave for your waiter – or, to put it more bluntly, it would give bosses permission to take some of those tips for themselves.

Sounds outrageous, right? It gets worse. After an internal analysis of the proposed rule revealed that restaurant workers would lose billions of dollars a year, department leaders “ordered staff to revise the data methodology to lessen the expected impact,” according to Bloomberg.

When that didn’t work, senior department political officials decided to shelve the analysis rather than include it in public documents. In other words, faced with the ugly consequences of their intended actions, they decided to hide the facts from the public.

Trump’s Labor Department is once again doing what the president has become an expert at – standing up for corporations and the rich at the expense of working families.

But we have a chance to speak out. The public-comment period is open until this Monday, February 5. Click here to tell the Trump administration that tips are for waiters, not bosses.

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