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The House Unveils Sweeping Infrastructure Framework

A major plan to improve the nation’s roads, bridges, transit, and sewer and water systems is now on the table.
The House Unveils Sweeping Infrastructure Framework

Worker-friendly politicians in the U.S. House of Representatives have unveiled a $760 billion framework to fix America's crumbling infrastructure.

The most comprehensive plan of its kind since the Obama-era American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the “Moving Forward Framework” would upgrade highways, rail and transit systems, airports, ports and harbors, wastewater and drinking water systems over the next five years.

While the principles laid out in the plan don’t include proposals to pay for the legislation, supporters say it is a robust roadmap that will create more than 10 million jobs, reduce carbon pollution, dramatically improve safety and spur economic activity.

Read more about the framework here.

Progress on repairing the nation’s infrastructure has stalled. While President Donald Trump touted a grand vision for infrastructure renewal, earlier plans actually resembled privatization schemes. More recent attempts to work with the White House have also faltered.

As the 2020 elections draw closer, electing a candidate who makes real investments in infrastructure and the people who build and maintain it should be a top priority.

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