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The Right Way to Fix Infrastructure

Unlike the White House’s infrastructure proposal, the Senate Democrats’ plan gives us a substantive roadmap for rebuilding our country.
The Right Way to Fix Infrastructure
By Pete Levine ·

There’s now an alternative to President Donald Trump’s sham infrastructure plan, and AFSCME supports this robust, substantive roadmap to rebuild our nation’s outdated infrastructure.

AFSCME President Lee Saunders called the Senate Democrats’ recently released infrastructure proposal a “bold, comprehensive plan that will create 15 million good paying jobs by reclaiming recent corporate tax giveaways and investing those funds back into our nation’s communities, including in our roads, bridges, transit, schools and water systems.”

With strong labor protections in place, the Senate plan will make the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share of taxes, and focus on putting the public interest first, unlike Trump’s ill-conceived infrastructure plan.

Trump’s anemic plan claims to benefit working families when in fact it would benefit his allies, private companies and Wall Street investors. It’s a plan that would roll back regulations that protect the environment, while selling off public assets.

It’s not just public service workers who are disappointed in Trump’s proposal.

Just this week, public transit agencies said they were puzzled by Trump’s “proposed cuts to federal grants aimed at funding transportation infrastructure and public transit projects – especially in light of his pledges to improve the quality of the nation’s rail systems,” according to the Washington Post.

There’s a right way to repair America’s roads, bridges, schools, airports, transit systems and more, and the Senate Democrats’ plan puts us closer to it.

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