Then and now, unions continue to make a difference

By Lee Saunders ·

The union difference is as powerful as ever.

We see it when we have more money in our pockets and greater economic security for our families. We see it in the strength and vitality of our communities. We see it in the contracts we negotiate and the laws we help pass.

The union difference means you’re never left to fight battles all alone. You have a whole family lifting you up and watching your back.

The union difference is felt every day in every way. When we stand together, we have greater power, we gain a louder voice that echoes across the country to make change, and we get a more prominent seat at the table to advocate for ourselves and the communities we serve. Unions reduce inequality, improve health care and strengthen democracy.

More and more people are discovering all that the union difference has to offer. We see it in the union fever that is taking hold in America, as more people support unions now than they have in more than 50 years. Workers across the country in all sectors are taking big risks to organize unions, despite huge barriers and intimidation tactics from their employers.

Decade after decade, unions have been one of our most inspiring forces for progress and social change. We made a difference yesterday, and we continue to make a difference today.