Understaffing, other workplace challenges discussed in mental health worker round table

By AFSCME Staff ·

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month this May, Secretary-Treasurer Elissa McBride moderated a round table discussion with four AFSCME mental health professionals from across the country. They represent a cross section of the more than 64,000 AFSCME mental and behavioral health care workers who provide essential services to our families and neighbors.

The roundtable participants discussed the passion they have for their work, the challenges they face on the job, and how they speak up and stand up for themselves, their co-workers and their clients through their union. Participants stressed the alarming crisis in understaffing in the mental health field, which leads to high worker turnover and disrupted services for clients and patients.

Participants also emphasized how our communities can come together to advocate for mental health services by voting for candidates and encouraging elected representatives who will invest in essential public services and the workers who provide them.