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VP debate affirms why Biden, Harris are the right choices for America’s families

Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) debates U.S. Vice President Mike Pence. (Photo by Morry Gash/Getty Images)
VP debate affirms why Biden, Harris are the right choices for America’s families

Wednesday night’s vice presidential debate from Salt Lake City, Utah, offered further evidence that former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris, are the right choices in this election.

No matter the issue confronting Americans – the coronavirus pandemic, health care, a rushed Supreme Court nomination process, tax fairness, or the country’s need for a steady, seasoned leader – Kamala Harris provided not only further evidence why Biden has the leadership and experience we need in the White House, but chronicled the numerous failures of the Trump-Pence administration.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, with more than 210,000 dead, millions battling the disease and millions of workers furloughed or laid off permanently, Harris characterized President Donald Trump’s haphazard and dangerous approach to the pandemic: “We are looking at front-line workers who are being treated like sacrificial workers.”

Harris’ statement comes as Trump walked away from aid negotiations on Tuesday to provide state and local aid and keep many of those workers on the job, a move that AFSCME President Lee Saunders called “the true measure of [Trump’s] callousness and cruelty.”

By contrast, Harris said, Biden has a plan “around a national strategy for contact tracing and a vaccine and making sure it will be free for all.”

Harris also drew a stark contract between a president who has in years past paid a mere $750 in federal taxes and owes hundreds of millions of dollars with a set of beliefs that she and Biden have long shared.

“Joe and I were raised the same way,” Harris said. “Hard work and the dignity of public service and fighting for the dignity of all people.”

Harris described a Biden administration as one that would put working families first rather than the wealthy and big corporations: “Joe believes you measure the strength and the health of the economy by looking at the strength and health of the American worker and the American family.”

Harris also said that on the first day of a Biden presidency, he would repeal Trump’s tax cut, which has helped the wealthy but has done little for working families.

The debate also revealed sharp differences on health care. Harris said that Biden, who helped shepherd the Affordable Care Act into law when he served as President Barack Obama’s vice president, will strengthen the ACA by offering a public option for health insurance, which means low-cost, quality care will be available to everyone. He’ll also lower premiums and lower the cost of prescription drugs, as well as ensure that the ACA’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions stay in place.

Meanwhile, Trump is currently suing to dismantle the ACA.

“If you have a preexisting condition, they’re coming for you,” Harris said of what another Trump term would mean for American’s health care.

Harris shared a vision for how Biden will heal and unify a country divided on the issue of race and criminal justice.

“We must always fight for the values we hold dear, including the fight to achieve our ideals,” said Harris. Namely, she said, “to finally achieve that ideal of equal justice under the law.”

Harris concluded with a powerful message to get out and vote.

“Please vote. Vote early. Make a plan to vote,” she said. “We have it in our power to make the decision about what will be the course of our country for the next four years. We [must] use our vote and voice, and we will win.”

Make A Plan To Vote

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