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What Right-Wing Groups Have in Store for Public Service Workers

A new report reveals the plans that corporate-backed groups are hatching to pull a massive, anti-union scam on public service workers.
Photo Credit: AFSCME Staff
What Right-Wing Groups Have in Store for Public Service Workers
By AFSCME Staff ·

We’ve been telling you about the shadowy network of right-wing groups called the State Policy Network (SPN) that’s getting ready to pull a massive scam on working people. The goal of this corporate-backed scam is to try to get public service workers to drop their union membership if the U.S. Supreme Court rules the wrong way in the Janus v. AFSCME Council 31 case.

We’ve been pointing out that the same billionaires and corporate CEOs funding the Janus case – in a bid to “defund and defang” unions like AFSCME – are also spending millions of dollars to finance the anti-union, anti-worker SPN to carry out its massive fraud on public service workers.

Now comes more proof of just what these extreme corporate-backed groups are up to and how SPN plans to carry out the sinister plans.

“Rightwing activists are launching a nationwide drive to persuade public-sector trade union members to tear up their membership cards and stop paying dues, posing a direct threat to the progressive movement in America,” The Guardian says in an exclusive new report.

Citing recently obtained documents, the newspaper writes, “A network of radical conservative thinktanks spanning all 50 states is planning direct marketing campaigns targeted personally at union members to encourage them to quit. The secret push, the group hopes, could cost unions up to a fifth of their 7 million members, lead to the loss of millions of dollars in income and undermine a cornerstone of US progressive politics.” Read the full article here.

Read AFSCME’s in-depth reporting on SPN, “Scam Alert,” and arm yourself with the truth.

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