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You Can Stop the Senate from Wrecking Our Health Care System

Yes, you can stop right-wing senators from wrecking our health care system. Call your senators now and tell them to vote no.
You Can Stop the Senate from Wrecking Our Health Care System
By Raju Chebium ·

Yes, you can stop right-wing U.S. senators from upending the Affordable Care Act (ACA), depriving up to 32 million people of their health coverage in the process.

You can prevent them from destroying Medicaid and risking the lives of millions of vulnerable Americans, including low-income children, disabled people and elderly nursing-home patients.

You can stop them from causing health insurance premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs to skyrocket for millions of working people

You can put an end to their efforts to shift hundreds of billions of dollars onto state budgets and stop health care and public service job losses.

And, yes, you can block them from doing all this just to give huge tax breaks to wealthy people and corporations.

All you need is your phone.

Call your senators and tell them to vote no on bills that seek to repeal and replace, or just repeal, the ACA, also known an Obamacare.

Call 1-855-712-7845 to be connected to your senators.

Do it now, as the Senate debates proposals aimed at gutting Obamacare. Make the call and put the kibosh on reckless plans that would hurt tens of millions of Americans, cause hundreds of thousands of job losses and crash our health care system, which makes up one-sixth of our economy.

The distressing thing is not even the senators know what they’ll be voting on this week. It’s all a big, ugly mystery. The process has been so chaotic that even members of Mitch McConnell’s own party are fed up.

We applaud Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) for standing up for their constituents and voting no Tuesday on whether to debate heartless proposals designed to dismantle Obamacare. Their “no” votes were actually “yes” votes – they said yes to protecting health care for millions of Americans, yes to protecting Medicaid, yes to transparency.

Make your voice heard and tell your senator to make the same courageous choices that Collins and Murkowski did. Dial 1-855-712-7845 today. 

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