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AFSCME Free College

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Union families get access to thousands of law offices nationwide, free consultations and discounts through Union Plus Legal Services. The Public Safety Protection Plan provides added protection and peace of mind for members of corrections or law enforcement locals.

“I like being a Union Plus Credit Cardholder. It’s nice to know there is a company like Union Plus that looks out for AFSCME members.”

Deborah Van Horn
Deborah Van Horn Member, AFSCME Council 25

“The best part about AFSCME Free College is that it works with your schedule. It’s 100 percent online and self-paced. The professors know that people are working full time, so they’re very understanding.”

John Caudell
John Caudell Member, HGEA

"Believe me, all AFSCME members should be using the Union Plus Auto Buying service – I’ve told all my friends about it.”

Anthony Ngo
Anthony Ngo Member, AFSCME Council 57