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Credit Counseling

Reliable consumer credit counseling

Managing your money doesn't have to be a risky business...It's often difficult to choose among the messages bombarding consumers from fraudulent debt management companies and their misleading offers.

To help union members take a positive first step, the AFL-CIO's Union Privilege created the Union Plus Credit Counseling program in conjunction with Money Management International (MMI). Certified consumer credit counseling advisors can work together with union members to create a successful program to help you eliminate your debt.

Advice designed and discounted especially for you

Experienced credit counselors listen to you and your needs, then help you develop a plan of action you can follow. No confusing gimmicks or overwhelming options. Just sound advice that'll help you stop collection agencies from controlling your financial life. Union Plus Credit Counseling

Initial counseling

You can get a FREE credit counseling session, budget analysis and advice to get back on the road to financial recovery. Complete the credit counseling request form online now or call 877-833-1745 — available 24/7. Your free session covers:

  • Complete financial review and budget analysis 

  • Assistance in budgeting or advice on sources of additional income 

  • Advice on how to work with creditors 

  • A written Action Plan that summarizes your financial situation, provides a budget and timeline for reaching goals, and restates action items 

  • Referral to a social service organization in your area, if appropriate 

  • Referral to Union Plus Legal Service or Union Plus Mortgage Assistance program, if appropriate 

  • Debt management plan (DMP) 

After the initial session, if you need additional assistance to eliminate debt, your counselor will develop a customized DMP for you. You'll receive a 33% union-member discount on the set-up fee for a DMP.

In short, a DMP allows you to make one simple monthly payment to MMI, and authorizes MMI to pay each of your creditors on your behalf based on the terms negotiated with them.

MMI also works with creditors to stop collection, waive or reduce interest charges, and eliminate finance charge or late fees, wherever possible.

A trusted consumer credit advisor

The Union Plus Credit Counseling provider, Money Management International (MMI), was carefully chosen to protect the interests of union members. All interaction and transactions through this program are strictly confidential.

For over 46 years, MMI and its family of Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS) agencies have helped consumers nationwide by providing high quality, comprehensive credit counseling, education and debt management assistance. MMI is a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling agencies (AICCCA). MMI is the nation's largest full service, non-profit credit counseling agency and currently assists nearly 100,000 clients repay their debts.

MMI is constantly growing and currently has nearly 100 local offices throughout the country. Check for a location near you.

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