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Immigration Legal Services

If you need immigration legal services, the Union Plus Legal Service can help. This union members-only benefit features attorneys in select areas that specialize in immigration law and offer free initial consultations and discounts of 30% off their regular hourly rates and flat fees.

It's Affordable

No enrollment forms or fees are required. Union members are automatically enrolled and are entitled to:

  • A free initial consultation of up to 30 minutes (in person or over the phone), 

  • A free review of select documents and a free follow-up letter or phone call. 

Most additional services are discounted by 30%. (A member may consult with a lawyer as many times as necessary, provided each consultation is about a separate matter.)


It's Confidential

All matters are handled between you and your lawyer on a strictly confidential basis. Only your lawyer will know you are using the service.

It's Growing, Unique & Union-Backed

We now have 69 law offices in 64 cities equipped to handle matters involving immigration law. No other online service provides exactly this type of service. We also encourage union members (and attorneys interested in participating) to refer us to recommended lawyers. Please complete our Recommend a Lawyer Form.

Find Immigration Attorneys

Click here for a list of participating immigration attorneys.

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