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Local Union Leadership Academy

The Local Union Leadership Academy (LULA) is a partnership between your council/affiliate and the AFSCME Education Department. Leadership teams of local unions participate in a two-day program designed to give them the knowledge and tools needed to build strong, active and effective local unions. Download this sample flyer for more about bringing the Local Union Leadership Academy area or call your council or affiliate office for details.

AFSCME Educator Program

The Member Educator training is a train-the-trainer program that equips affiliate staff and members with the skills needed to conduct AFSCME’s Stewards in Action training program. The training includes an overview of teaching techniques, modeling of portions of the curriculum and several opportunities for participants to sharpen their teaching skills as they practice teach the full curriculum. At the end of the week-long training, participants immediately get the first teaching experience as they deliver the program at steward trainings scheduled by the affiliate. The program is designed to increase the capacity of AFSCME councils and locals to offer high-quality steward training to their members.

Stewards in Action

AFSCME Stewards in Action (SIA) is a comprehensive curriculum for training union stewards. The curriculum includes 15 hours of classroom training and covers both technical skills related to grievance handling as well as techniques to enhance member involvement in the union. The program uses the AFSCME Steward Handbook as a primary resource. This is a union-building course that gives stewards practical methods to represent and mobilize workers. Participants also receive an overview of basic labor laws, and AFSCME history and structure.

Download a copy of the Steward Handbook.

Public Speaking

AFSCME’s Public Speaking training provides AFSCME leaders, activists and staff with essential skills and capability to deliver persuasive action messages that will engage their listeners. The training provides participants with the tools for planning and giving effective presentations. Participants complete a series of practice sessions, followed by instructive feedback in order to improve their public speaking ability. Effectively communicating the union’s message — whether in a public forum, with the media, or most importantly, to union members — is critical to the continued growth and vitality of AFSCME.

Volunteer Member Organizer

AFSCME Volunteer Member Organizer (VMO) training program is coordinated by the Education Department in consultation with the Department of Organizing and Field Services. For more than five years, AFSCME has conducted a series of three-day trainings for volunteer member organizers, or VMOs. The training is designed for members who are willing to volunteer their time to organize workers outside their own workplace or bargaining unit. Classroom training, home visits to workers with an experienced organizer, and a debriefing and evaluation are critical elements of VMO training. It is one of the most personalized training programs AFSCME offers—every participant receives one-on-one coaching.

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