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The AFSCME Web Track is now offering self-paced classes to AFSCME members and staff. These workshops are available anytime, anywhere, at no cost. As of right now, the workshops available are all related to investor education. Soon, eight new union-building workshops will be available in a self-paced format on the Web Track.

Each of these self-paced workshops is based on a PowerPoint presentation with a script in the notes page. Click on the links below to download each presentation. Please feel free to make use of these presentations in your own work.

Building Political Power: Recruiting PEOPLE Contributors 
Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality (PEOPLE) is AFSCME’s political action fund, which supports our political program and helps pro-worker candidates. Learn the nuts and bolts of how to establish and maintain a PEOPLE Program that will produce big results. (5.64MB PPT)

Getting the Message Out: Principles of Effective Communications 
Learn how to produce effective leaflets, email campaigns and newsletters, talk one-on-one with co-workers about contract negotiations, and build media relations -- it all takes effective communication. (9.01MB PPT)

Health Care You Can Count On: Advocating for Health Care Reform 
Gain insight into our health care system and why it is in crisis. Learn about AFSCME’s call for health care reform, and what we can do to help make affordable, quality health coverage a right for every American. (5.23MB PPT)

Knowing the Numbers: Analyzing Public Budgets 
Whether it is shifting health care costs to employees, holding down wage increases, privatizing jobs, or laying off employees, employers often cite budget problems when taking on the union. Learn what the numbers in public employer budgets mean for AFSCME members and how to determine the financial health of your public employer. (1.51MB PPT)

Power Through Organizing: Building AFSCME's Strength
Examine the economic crisis facing working families and the impact of union organizing on our standard of living. Discuss what role our members play in changing our economy to reward work with middle-class pay, health care coverage and retirement security. (8.66MB PPT)

Safe Jobs Now! Mobilizing for Health and Safety 
Controlling dangerous working conditions prevents injuries, illnesses and deaths. This workshop will cover actions that workers can take through their union to identify hazards and solutions, as well as describe strategies that can be used by workers to get employers to provide safe and healthful workplaces. (1.99MB PPT)

Taking Care of Business: AFSCME's Financial Standards Code 
Learn essential components of AFSCME’s Financial Standards Code: expense authorization, recordkeeping documentation, and financial reporting. (1.36MB PPT)

Who has the Power: Fighting for Economic Justice 
AFSCME members and workers across America are having a harder time making ends meet, and state and local government budgets are stretched to the limit. Explore the disconnect between a wealthy economy and struggling working families, and what we can do to create an economy that works for us. (4MB PPT)

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