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Jerry Wurf Memorial Fund Scholarships to the Harvard Trade Union Program

The Harvard Trade Union Program (HTUP) is a five-week leadership program designed to provide experienced labor leaders with outstanding education and training in the political, economic, and organizational challenges confronting labor unions. Founded in 1942, the HTUP has counted among its faculty former U.S. Cabinet officials, preeminent public intellectuals, and leading practitioners of labor law and economics. The program is conducted at the Harvard campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is organized around the theme “Preparing Leadership for the Challenges of the Future.”

The program is designed for full-time AFSCME staff or senior leaders at the council or major affiliate level who are planning to devote their careers to the trade union movement. Harvard will select participants based on experience in the labor movement, the capacity to develop strong leadership skills, and the ability to handle a rigorous educational program.

The Jerry Wurf Memorial Fund provides three scholarships to attend the Harvard Trade Union Program. The Jerry Wurf Memorial Fund will pay expenses for the two AFSCME senior staff and expenses and release time for an AFSCME leader chosen by Harvard to participate in the program. This will include tuition, housing at Harvard, an allowance for meals and books of $1,500 and round-trip transportation to Cambridge. Incidentals such as recreation, laundry and similar items will be the responsibility of the participants.

The scholarships will be administered by the Harvard Labor and Worklife Program, as part of the Jerry Wurf Memorial Fund. The deadline for submitting a completed application is in the fall of each year.

Applications must include the following:

  • HTUP Application Form (AFSCME version)
  • Statement of purpose for why you seek to attend the Harvard Trade Union Program (approximately 500 words)

AFSCME staff and member leaders interested in the program should contact the Harvard Labor and Worklife Program to request an application form:

Harvard Trade Union Program
Phone: 617-495-9265

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