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Jerry Wurf Memorial Fund

The Jerry Wurf Memorial Fund continues to provide three scholarships for the 6-weekHarvard Trade Union Program. The program is conducted at the Harvard campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is organized around the theme "Preparing Leadership for the Challenges of the Future."

The program is designed for full-time AFSCME staff at the local or council level who are planning to devote their careers to the trade union movement. In addition, we have reserved one slot for an AFSCME member holding an elected position who is willing to take leave. Harvard will select participants based on experience in the labor movement, the capacity to develop strong leadership skills, and the ability to handle a rigorous educational program.

As part of a program commemorating the life and contributions of Jerry Wurf, the Jerry Wurf Memorial Fund will pay expenses for the two AFSCME staff members and expenses and lost time for the AFSCME member chosen by the University to participate in the program. This will include course tuition, housing at Harvard, an allowance for meals and books of $1,500, and round-trip transportation to Cambridge. Incidentals such as recreation, laundry and similar items will be the responsibility of the participants.

AFSCME staff and members interested in the program should write or telephone to request an application form from Elaine Bernard, Executive Director, Harvard Trade Union Program, 125 Mt. Auburn Street, 3rd Floor, Cambridge, MA 02138. Phone: 617/495-9265. Applications can also be requested via e-mail The program website: The deadline for submitting a completed application is November 15. 

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