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Article I - Purpose and Scope

Section 1.

Every affiliate of the American Federa­tion of State, County and Municipal Employees, whether chartered or not, is required to meet the standards established by and set forth in this Code, including the standards established by and set forth in the appendices to this Code.

Section 2.

The purpose of this Code is to establish minimum standards to be met by affiliates in the handling of their funds and other assets and in the maintenance of their financial records.  The establishment of these standards is not intended to prohibit the use of more complex or additional safeguards which may be established by any affiliate.  It is not the intent of this Code nor shall it be interpreted in such a manner that relieves an affiliate of any duty or responsibility which is placed on it by the constitution of the International Union or of the affiliate.

Section 3.

Nothing contained in this Code prohib­its the use of electronic equipment for the record keeping functions herein set forth -- properly developed and administered computerized accounting and record keeping programs are recommended for all AFSCME affiliates.  If such equipment is used and essentially accomplishes the purposes of the manual operations described in this Code, the minimum standards set herein shall, to that extent, be considered met.

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