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Article VIII - Minutes of Meetings

Section 1.

The Recording Secretary is normally the officer responsible for maintaining the minutes of all affiliate meetings, including Executive Board meetings and member­ship meetings.  Minutes should also be kept for all committee meetings, including meetings of any finance committees, budget committees, Insurance or Benefits Trusts, etc.  Normally one of the commit­tee members is designated to keep such minutes.  In such instances a final copy of the approved minutes should be forwarded to the affiliate’s Secretary-Treasurer.

Section 2.

Minutes are a record of the proceedings of the meeting.  The minutes should note the date and time of the meeting, who attended the Executive Board meeting or which officers were present at the mem­bership meeting, and identify who presided at the meeting.

The minutes must note what motions were made, including any and all financial authorizations, who made the motions, who seconded the motions and whether the motions passed.  It is not necessary to write down everything that was said by the members.  The minutes should document whether a quorum was present during the meeting.  The minutes should also state whether the minutes of the previous meet­ing were read and approved and should note the time of adjournment.  Sample format for minutes may be found in the back of the International Constitution.

Section 3.

Copies of the Secretary-Treasurer’s financial report must be attached to the minutes of the meeting at which the report is given.  Copies of the affiliate’s budget, audit report, other financial reports, and any contracts or policies approved, must also be attached to the minutes at which they are adopted and therefore made a part of the financial records of the union.

Section 4.

Minutes must be signed by the Record­ing Secretary or the officer or member who wrote them.  All minutes must be approved by the appropriate body -- e.g. Executive Board approves Executive Board minutes, membership approves membership meet­ing minutes, etc.  Minutes are normally read and approved at the next meeting of the body.

Section 5.

As the minutes are considered to be a part of the financial records of the union, they must be retained for seven (7) years.

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