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The AFSCME Agenda Points the Way to Stronger Communities

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AFSCME members know that strong unions make for stronger communities. Today, in the face of unrelenting attacks, our union is helping to lead the way towards that goal.

With the release of “The AFSCME Agenda: Freedom and Opportunity for All,” our union is reasserting our values and paving the way for stronger communities to flourish. The rich and powerful have rigged the system against working families. It’s up to unions to promote unity and stability in our communities.

Unions are needed now more than ever. When people have the freedom to join together in unions, we have the strength in numbers we need to counter the influence of big money and big corporations on our country.

The AFSCME Agenda includes the following priorities, for which we’ll never quit fighting:

The AFSCME Agenda is based on our commonly-shared principles as a diverse union of proud public service workers. We will fight for it at the negotiating table, at the ballot box, in Congress, and in state legislatures nationwide. It shows our members and our communities that we stand for freedom and opportunity for working families and retirees.

Check out our AFSCME Agenda website at