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This Election Day, We Denounce Violence and Hate. Instead, We Will Vote Our Values.

Photo Credit: Jeff Swensen / Stringer
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By AFSCME Staff Worth the Fight

On Election Day, it is time to decide who we are as a nation. 

Over the past week, the country has been shocked by news of a hate-filled gunman murdering worshippers in a Pittsburgh synagogue; an angry soul targeting critics of the president with pipe bombs through the mail; a racist walking into a Kroger in Kentucky and gunning down two African American senior citizens. These are acts that fly in the face of everything AFSCME members believe in.

AFSCME President Lee Saunders denounced them and others like them in a statement, saying, “We are broken-hearted by the news of the past few weeks and horrified to see that some candidates for public office still believe marginalizing and dehumanizing people who might think or look or pray differently is a winning strategy. November 6 is our chance to prove that it isn’t.”

Pres. Saunders added: “AFSCME members come from many different backgrounds. They do many different jobs. And they hold many different beliefs. But they share one quality in common: a deep commitment to making our communities and our nation better, safer, and stronger. That's why they’ve dedicated their lives to public service.”

Election Day is the moment we choose to vote our values—the values that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., fought and died for when he marched with AFSCME sanitation workers in Memphis in 1968: the right of every person to be treated with dignity and respect. 

If you need information on finding your polling place, click hereMake sure you have a plan in place to vote on Election Day. The stakes could not be higher.