For Immediate Release
Contact: Natalia Pérez Santos

Lee Saunders on DNC Standing in Solidarity with UC Workers

In response to the DNC withdrawing from holding December’s Democratic debate at UCLA, AFSCME President Lee Saunders released the following statement: 

“AFSCME applauds the DNC for looking for a new venue to hold the December Democratic debate. The DNC heard our concerns about the ongoing violations of state law and labor contracts by the UC system in its effort to outsource jobs normally performed by UC workers to low-wage contractors. The university system continues to accelerate its secretive outsourcing campaign without notifying the custodial, food service and transportation services workers and nursing assistants, among others who are affected.

“UC’s outsourcing practices hurt UC employees and contract workers and drive down wages predominantly for women and people of color who already face gender and racial pay gaps. UC workers in the university and medical systems care about their students, patients and their communities, and they deserve respect.

“AFSCME’s 1.4 million members stand in solidarity with UC workers and we will do everything we can to work with Local 3299 to ensure they get the fair contract and treatment they deserve, including supporting a one-day statewide strike across all UC campuses and medical centers on Nov. 13. We urge the UC system to come to the table and negotiate a fair contract that addresses the universities’ violations and treats UC workers with the respect and dignity they deserve.”