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Contact: Natalia Pérez Santos

Nevada Governor Signs ‘Historic’ Union Law to Help 20,000 State Workers

AFSCME President Lee Saunders and AFSCME Local 4041 President Harry Schiffman issued the following statements after Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak signed into law SB 135, a bill expanding collective bargaining rights to more than 20,000 Nevada state employees. The bill is the largest expansion of collective bargaining rights for state workers in 16 years.  

“This bill is about respect for state employees who make their communities stronger every day,” said AFSCME President Lee Saunders. “By signing this bill, Governor Sisolak demonstrates his understanding of the importance of giving working people a seat at the table and the voice on the job they deserve. Americans are looking for an answer to a rigged economy that favors the wealthy, and it’s clear that they are turning to unions in growing numbers. It is time to make it easier all across the country for working people to join in strong unions.”

“This is a historic day for state employees and all Nevadans, as collective bargaining rights will mean a voice on the job to make meaningful changes in our workplaces and communities,” said Harry Schiffman, president of AFSCME Local 4041. “We are grateful to Senator David Parks, who has worked alongside state employees for many years to get us to this point, and thank the leadership in both the State Senate and Assembly for their support of Nevada state employees.” 

Today marks yet another massive win for working people and the labor movement as union momentum continues to grow across the country. With the freedom to negotiate, Nevada state employees – including corrections officers, nurses, Department of Transportation workers and caretakers – can now use their collective voice to negotiate a host of workplace issues, among them wages, paid leave and ways to improve safety on the job.  

Across the country, more workers are coming together to demand a level playing field through unions. Grocery store workers, teachers, public service workers, journalists and hotel and food service workers are joining in a wave of activism and new organizing drives. Unions are enjoying their highest level of public support in 15 years and presidential candidates have embraced unions at a level not seen in years. It is clear that unions are seeing increasing grassroots and political momentum, and AFSCME will continue to pursue a growth agenda in Nevada and across the country to strengthen public services and give public service workers the respect they deserve.