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Contact: Omar Tewfik

AFSCME applauds Senate passage of American Rescue Plan

Union of 1.4 million public service workers urges Congress to quickly get a bill to the president’s desk so that we can finally fund the front lines and get relief to struggling families

AFSCME President Lee Saunders issued the following statement following the Senate vote to pass the American Rescue Plan: 

“Over the past year, our nation’s mettle has truly been tested. Since the first day COVID-19 began battering our communities, public service workers – our nurses, first responders, sanitation workers, child care providers, public safety workers and so many more – have been on the front lines, putting their lives at risk to beat back this pandemic.

“Yet for a year, the Senate and the president did nothing to get our states, cities, counties and schools the kind of aid needed to maintain public services, as nearly 1.4 million of these front-line heroes lost their jobs. With a new president and new leadership in the United States Senate, help is finally on the way for these everyday heroes whose work and expertise are needed now more than ever to crush this virus.

“AFSCME members fought for the American Rescue Plan not just to beat COVID-19, but to jolt our economy by ensuring struggling families keep their health insurance and receive a boost in unemployment insurance as well as direct checks to help make ends meet. We thank Senator Schumer for his leadership and call on Congress to get a bill to President Biden’s desk, so we can finally fund the front lines.”