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Contact: Omar Tewfik

Saunders celebrates Yellen confirmation; says she will be a treasury secretary who empowers working families

AFSCME President Lee Saunders released the following statement regarding the Senate’s vote to confirm Janet Yellen as U.S. Secretary of the Treasury:

“The groundbreaking confirmation of Janet Yellen to be U.S. Secretary of the Treasury is good news for working people.

“Secretary Yellen has a long history and proven track record of prioritizing jobs and wages, of opposing reckless budget austerity measures, of supporting tax policies requiring the wealthiest people and the largest corporations to pay their fair share. She has been outspoken in her support of robust aid to cash-strapped states, cities, towns and schools, so we can maintain essential public services. Unlike many previous treasury secretaries, she understands that the truest measure of economic strength is a lot more than what happens on Wall Street. It is about an unrigged system where everyone gets a fair shake. It is about a robust middle class, empowered working families and vibrant communities.

“Secretary Yellen is an innovative thinker with the experience and expertise to help lead us successfully through this economically challenging moment. AFSCME enthusiastically endorsed her nomination, congratulates her on her confirmation and looks forward to working with her in the coming years.”