Week Ending September 4, 2020

Pass Federal Relief for States, Cities and Towns Now

U.S. Senate Still Missing in Action

Still no action by the Senate since the House passed the Heroes Act (H.R. 6800), with substantial aid to states, cities and towns more than 100 days ago.

  • Pass Pandemic Relief Now: The Heroes Act provides more than $1.2 trillion to states, local governments and school districts, increases Medicaid payments to states and protects workers on the front lines. It also gives front-line workers premium pay, needed unemployment and food assistance and subsidizes 100% of the cost of COBRA health care for those who have lost their jobs. But the bill continues to languish in the Senate, which is in recess until after Labor Day.
  • Tell Senators to Pass the Bill Now: The Senate must act as soon as possible to protect front-line public service workers – health care workers, corrections officers, custodians and others – who have been putting their lives at risk to fight this pandemic. If the Senate doesn’t pass aid for our states, cities, towns and schools, these public service workers could be thanked with pink slips. Already, they are being laid off in alarming numbers when we need them the most.

What You Need to Know: The Senate is returning from a month-long summer recess. They must act as soon as possible and pass a plan that provides at least $1 trillion in direct, flexible aid to state and local governments, increases funding for Medicaid and provides additional support for schools to ensure safety and to meet the needs of students learning remotely. It’s not an option to allow more Americans to lose their jobs and essential public services to be shut down. Communities can’t afford to wait. Congress must fund the front lines immediately.

Call Your Senators: Tell Them to Pass Federal Relief for States, Cities and Towns Now

Additional Assistance Urgently Needed to Fund Front-Line Jobs and Services.

It’s urgent that you call your senators as soon as possible. Time is running out for Congress to provide funding support before state and local governments are forced to lay off more workers and cut more vital public services. Over 1 million public employees have already been given pink slips. Front-line public service workers like you are critical to fighting this pandemic and reopening our economy. America cannot do it without you!

Please call your senators right now at 1-888-981-9704

Tell your senators that it’s urgent to fund the front lines NOW. Tell them at least $1 trillion is needed for states, counties and cities, including more funding for Medicaid and education, for essential public services to fight COVID-19 and reopen our economy.

For more ways to take action, visit the AFSCME COVID-19 webpage.

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