Support the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act

#FreedomToNegotiate #PSFNA

Public service workers like our nurses, 9-1-1 operators, paramedics, teachers and sanitation workers deserve the freedom to join together in a union to collectively negotiate for fair compensation, safer job conditions, and better public services for the communities they serve. 

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The Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act would set a minimum nationwide standard of collective bargaining rights that states must provide, including allowing public service workers to join together and have a voice on the job to improve both working conditions and the communities in which they live and work. The bill gives public service workers the freedom to:

  • Join together in a union selected by a majority of employees;
  • Collectively bargain over wages, hours and terms and conditions of employment;
  • Access dispute resolution mechanisms;
  • Use voluntary payroll deduction for union dues;
  • Engage in concerted activities related to collective bargaining and mutual aid;
  • Have their union be free from requirements to hold rigged recertification elections; and
  • File suit in court to enforce their labor rights.

Learn more about the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act here.