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AFSCME and the American Rescue Plan

AFSCME American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL–CIO

and the American Rescue Plan

The American Rescue Plan is a victory for working families across the country. In an incredible win for AFSCME members, the ARP includes $350 billion in funding for states, cities, and towns that will protect our jobs from furloughs and layoffs. AFSCME members on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic fought hard for this funding because we needed it to keep serving our communities


In Your State

In 2020, AFSCME members rushed to the front lines to deal with the pandemic. We treated patients, saved lives, kept our communities safe, cared for the most vulnerable and kept children fed. But we knew with the economic downturn our jobs and the services we provide were at risk.

That’s why we fought to fund the front lines. But under the last administration, we couldn’t get desperately needed funds for states, cities, and towns.

We needed a new president and a new Congress. So AFSCME members got to work and helped elect President Joe Biden and pro-worker majorities in both houses of Congress.

It was our advocacy that made the American Rescue Plan possible. And we are still holding our officials accountable. Use the form below to see how your members of Congress voted on the ARP.

The Impact

The impact of the American Rescue Plan was swift and substantial. The bill is already making a real difference for AFSCME members, our families, and our communities.

The Union Difference

Being in a union means higher wages, better benefits and a secure retirement. But it means so much more: protection on the job, a safe workplace and always knowing your co-workers have your back.

It also means fighting together for the things that matter. That’s how AFSCME members won $350 billion for states, cities, and towns. That’s how AFSCME members elected a president and members of Congress who stand with us.

Being an AFSCME member is about making a difference not just in your life, but in the lives of everyone in our communities. If you aren’t yet an AFSCME member, you can learn more about how to join. And if you are a member, get more involved. Find out more.


AFSCME members made the difference in passing the American Rescue Plan. Make sure you have a voice by signing up to learn about the important issues we face and how to get involved.
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