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Father’s Day Fun, Sponsored by AFSCME and the Labor Movement

This Father’s Day, make sure your dad feels appreciated by using AFSCME benefits to treat him to something he deserves.
Father’s Day Fun, Sponsored by AFSCME and the Labor Movement
By Pete Levine ·
Tags: Benefits

Whether your father is a couch potato or a road warrior, AFSCME has something great for him this Father’s Day.

For dads who like to celebrate Father’s Day close to home, a low key dinner and a movie with family may be up his alley. Thanks to AFSCME, grabbing a meal at a local restaurant before taking in a flick doesn’t have to put a dent in your wallet.

For the more adventurous dads out there, a road trip to an amusement park or other destination might fit the bill. AFSCME offers fantastic discounts on car rentals, theme park tickets and concerts, which means whatever his tastes may be, you’re certain to get him something he’s going to love.

Father’s Day (June 18) happens to land soon after National Bourbon Day (June 14), and since the entire month of the June is National Candy Month, Labor 411 is promoting Bourbon, Bon-bons and Baseball – a trio of treats for dads who buy union-made products.

Want to give dad union-brewed beer? Go here. How about union-made clothing or shoes or other accessories for your old man? This site or this one may have just what you’re looking for.

Most importantly, whatever you decide to do for Father’s Day, take the time to thank all the dads you know for everything they do.

To learn more about all the deals and discounts available for AFSCME members, check out the AFSCME Advantage page.

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