Coronavirus: Public Service Workers on The Front Lines

In Memoriam

We continue to stand on the front lines, doing everything in our power to contain the coronavirus pandemic. But the AFSCME family, like so many others, has suffered some profound losses, as this disease has claimed some of our very best. We mourn these proud AFSCME members, even as we celebrate their lives of service.

In Memoriam

Abernathy, Michelle, Residential Services Supervisor, Local 2081, Park Forest, IL

Adams, Darrin, Custodian, Local 1497, Detroit, MI

Ahmed, Rukhsana, Pharmacy Assistant, CSEA, N. Massapequa, NY

Ali, Timanjin, LPN, Local 1199C, Philadelphia, PA

Allen, Michelle, Comm. Assc., Local 371, Brooklyn, NY

Almodovar, Ismael, JOS, Local 371, Brooklyn, NY

Amsterdam, Catherine, Retiree, DC 37, Brooklyn, NY

Arbus, Rose, Retiree, DC 37, East Patchogue, NY

Baker, Correan, Retired, AFSCME Retiree Subchapter 153 President, Las Vegas, NV

Bates II, Monroe, Maintenance Assistant, CSEA, Alfred, NY

Bautista, Buenaventura "Ben," CNA, Local 3354, Newark, NJ

Beaubien, Ketty, Day Hab Aide 1, CSEA, Brooklyn, NY

Belton, Tracey, CPS, Local 371, New York, NY

Blackwell, Loneste M., Retiree, Former President Chapter 1184 Ohio and Former Secretary AFSCME Retiree Council, Columbus, Ohio

Blakeley, Donnell, Operator/ Street Sweeper, Local 725, Indianapolis, IN

Boone, Delores, Administrative Assistant 1, CSEA, Bronx, NY

Brandenberger, Robert, Groundskeeper 1, CSEA, Lindenhurst, NY

Brown, Randy, Addiction Counselor, Local 1549, New York, NY

Burch, Ishmael, Nurses Aide, CSEA, Westbury, NY

Burton, Alice, Retiree, DC 37, Brooklyn, NY

Calder, John, Librarian, Local 154, Brooklyn, NY

Campos, Angel, Comm. Assc., Local 371, Jamaica, NY

Canon, Rodney, Maintenance Mechanic, Local 1542, Miami, FL

Carlisle, Lorraine, Office Assistant 2, CSEA, Bronx, NY

Casso, Lenora, Comm. Asst., Local 371, Queens, NY

Castelli, Rosalia, Retired, Local 372, Staten Island, NY

Cisneros, Esequiel (Zeke), LPN, Local 782, Medical Lake, WA

Clark, Rhonda, Secretary, Local 2250, Oxon Hill, MD

Cognato, Christopher, JOS, Local 371, Staten Island, NY

Corpac, Anthony, Security Officer, CSEA, Hicksville, NY

Crum, Olivia, Chair Black History Committee, Local 1549, Queens, NY

Culetsu, George, Maintenance Worker, Local 2493, Warren, OH

Dampier, Angel, Developmental Assistant II, Local 2730, St. Louis, MO

Daniels, James, Developmental Treatment Aide Trainee, CSEA, Staten Island, NY

Dawson, John, Corrections Officer, OCSEA, Marion, OH

DeCastro, Irene, Retiree, DC 37, Hollywood, FL

Dickson, Dennis, Custodian, Local 1597, Brooklyn, NY

Dixon, Troy, Transit Coach Operator, Local 1583, Ann Arbor, MI

Doronila, Daisy, RN, Local 1199J, Newark, NJ

Dowdy, Reginald, Retired, Local 371, New York, NY

Estekyme, Sunday, Caseworker, Local 371, Bronx, NY

Evans, Faith, Administrative Assistant III, Local 2946, Chicago, IL

Felton, Karen, CPS, Local 371, Bronx, NY

Fernandez, Pedro, Housekeeper, CSEA, Hicksville, NY

Fleisher, Carl, Retiree, DC 37, Pompano Beach, FL

Flowers, Ursula, CPS II, Local 371, Bronx, NY

Forster, Paul, Neighborhood Safety Officer, Local 1600, Flint, MI

Francis, Devin Dale, Radiology Technologist, Local 1363, Miami, FL

Gagliano, Marie, AJOS II, Local 371, Bronx, NY

Gannon, Dewane Pete, Corrections Officer, OCSEA, Mount Sterling, OH

George, Patricia, Comm. Assc., Local 371, Brooklyn, NY

Gillespie, Kenneth, Retiree, DC 37, Jamaica, NY

Glaser, Mildred, Retired, DC 37, Queens, NY

Green, Joe, Laborer, CSEA, Spring Valley, NY

Griffin, Emma, Comm. Asst., Local 371, Brooklyn, NY

Grimsley, Debra, Program Aide, CSEA, Albany, NY

Guerrette, Joan, Motor Vehicle Examiner, Local 318, West Hartford, CT

Guiness, Joanalee, Developmental Assistant II, CSEA, Mt. Vernon, NY

Hacia, Rebecca, Retiree, DC 37, Staten Island, NY

Hart, Olson, Retiree, DC 37, Bronx, NY

Head, Michael, HSC, Local 2805, Chicago, IL

Hill, Michael, Rehab Counselor Lead, CSEA, Lakeview, NY

Hodge, Greg, EMT, Local 2507, New York, NY

Holder, Ed, Dev Assnt 2, CSEA, Brooklyn, NY

Holiday, Edith, Retiree, DC 37, Englewood, NJ

Holley, Michael, YDS, Local 371, Queens, NY

Huckell, Don, Bus Driver, CSEA, Poughkeepsie, NY

Hughes, Troy, Social Worker, Local 2187, Philadelphia, PA

Idris, Bey, EMT, Local 2507, Brooklyn, NY

Izevbizua, Kalin, CPS, Local 371, Jamaica, NY

Jaramillo, Jessica, School Lunch Helper, Local 372, Queens, NY

Ji, Peter, LPN, CSEA, Thiells, NY

Jordan, Pearson, Linen Worker, Local 154, Brooklyn, NY

Kama, Sakinah, Direct Support Assistant, CSEA, Amityville, NY

Kane, Patrick, ICU RN, Local 875, Flint, MI

Kebreau, Nazaire, Cook, CSEA, Claverack, NY

King, Curwin, Nursing Assistant 2, CSEA, Brooklyn, NY

Kwalbrun, Moshe, Retiree, DC 37, Great Neck, NY

Lee, Cephus, Support Service Worker, Local 2645, Park Forest, IL

Levesque, Florence, Retired, Local 372, New York, NY

Lidell, Roger, Supply Distribution, Local 2650, Flint, MI

Liem, Tran, Eligibility Specialist, Local 1549, New York, NY

Lloyd, Louise, SUP III, Local 371, Brooklyn, NY

Louis, Mirvil, Direct Support Assistant, CSEA, Thiells, NY

Lucchese, Rae, Retired, DC 37, Queens, NY

Mac, Esther, School Aid, Local 372, Bronx, NY

Martinez, Carmen, Parent Coordinator, Local 372, Bronx, NY

Mascote, Raul, Asst. Greenskeeper, Local 791, Joliet, IL

Mason, Patricia, Cook D3, Local 372, Brooklyn, NY

Mattei, Nicholas, Equipment Operator II, CSEA, South Farmingdale, NY

McBride, Sean, Information Specialist II, Local 3309, Detroit, MI

McDowell, Edwin "Ebo," Street Dept Supervisor, CSEA, Hempstead, NY

McKethan, Kalema, Supervising Motor Vehicle Representative, CSEA, Jamaica, NY

McRae, Doris, Retiree, DC 37, Bronx, NY

McWilliams, John, Communication Center Supervisor, Local 1510, Philadelphia, PA

Mobyed, Robert, Claim Specialist, Local 154, Brooklyn, NY

Molina, Hector, Case Supervisor, Local 371, Brooklyn, NY

Mosley, Linosee, School Safety, Local 237, Queens, NY

Mungin, Edward, Fire Inspector, Local 2507, Brooklyn, NY

Nelson, Edward, Carpenter, Local 1603, Flint, MI

Onouah, Richard, LPN, Local 2216, Newark, NJ

Paige, Thad, Retiree, DC 37, Bronx, NY

Payne, Bernadette, Supervising Motor Vehicle Representative, CSEA, New York, NY

Perez, David, Investigator, Local 1113, Bronx, NY

Persard, Barry, Service Aide, Local 420, Brooklyn, NY

Petitti, Josephine, Data Entry Clerk II, CSEA, Yonkers, NY

Phillip, Keith, Secure Care Treatment Aide, CSEA, Chester, NY

Poling, Richard, Mariner, Local 2906, Freeport, NY

Quinn, Wendell, Public Safety Officer, Local 814, Flint, MI

Rahman, Syed, Fire Inspector, Local 2507, Brooklyn, NY

Redd, John, EMT, Local 2507, Brooklyn, NY

Redd, Linda, Child Protection Specialist, Local 448, Rockford, IL

Reeves, Tina, LPN, OCSEA, Blacklick, OH

Rhames, Khaseem, YDS, Local 371, New York, NY

Ricketts, Kenneth, Mental Health TH Aide, CSEA, Jamaica, NY

Robinson, Ronald, Caseworker, Local 371, New York, NY

Ryan, Jacquel, Marketing Representative, DC 37, Bronx, NY

Santiago, Edwin, Caseworker, Local 371, New York, NY

Schneider, Mike, Teacher, CSEA, Plainview, NY

Sears, Andrea, Supervising Motor Vehicle Representative, CSEA, Harlem, NY

Shannon, Robert "Robbie," Dispatcher, CSEA, Ballston Spa, NY

Sison, Lemuel, Medical Technician I, CSEA, Fresh Meadows, NY

Smith, Linda, Sr Clerk, CSEA, New York, NY

Snorton, Nancy, CTT, Local 150, Newark, NJ

Taylor, Michael, Utility Worker, Local 123, Houston, TX

Thomas, William, Mental Health TH Aide, CSEA, Manhattan, NY

Thomson, Goldie, Case Manager, Local 371, Brooklyn, NY

Tier, Robert, Retired, Local 2507, Yonkers, NY

Tolliver, Myrtel, Juvenile Detention Specialist, Local 409, Detroit, MI

Turowski, Denise, Hospital Aide, CSEA, Bethpage, NY

Tyson, Dawn, JOS, Local 371, Bronx, NY

Uddin, Jamal, SUP I, Local 371, Brooklyn, NY

Ulicny, Madaline, Retired, DC 37, Queens, NY

Vasquez, Pedro, Facility Operator, CSEA, East Meadow, NY

Veal, Walter, Mental Health Technician II, Local 2645, University Park, IL

Vega, Hugo, Comm. Coord., Local 371, Douglaston, NY

Veloz III, Jose, Support Service Coordinator, Local 2645, Park Forest, IL

Warner, Jean, School Aide, Local 372, Brooklyn, NY

Washington, Earl A., Medical Security Officer, Local 2222, Trenton, NJ

Washington, Pauline, Caseworker, Local 371, New York, NY

Watkins, James, Comm. Accs., Local 371, New York, NY

Weiss, Irene, Comm. Asst., Local 371, New York, NY

Whitted, Jr., Curtis L., Youth Division Aide 2, CSEA, Highland, NY

Whyte, Wayne, Mental Health Therapy Aide, CSEA, Mt. Vernon, NY

Wilhelm, Victoria, Residential Manager, CSEA, Staten Island, NY

Williams, Darlene, Clinical Assistant, Local 2449, Detroit, MI

Yeung, Kong, Maintenance Custodian, Local 1488, Renton, WA

Zack, David, Retiree, DC 37, Franklin Square, NY