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Donald Lacho
Minnesota retiree activist Donald Lacho (left) joins with Council 5 working members for a recent rally and lobby day at the state capitol.

Duluth was the site of the founding convention for AFSCME’s new Northeast Minnesota retiree subchapter at the end of May. AFSCME Council 5 president, Mike Buesing, opened the convention and praised the delegates for coming together to build a vibrant union-retiree movement. State Sen. Tony Lourey (D) and State Reps. Kerry Gautier (D) and Carly Melin (D) also addressed the delegates, discussing critical issues confronting Minnesota seniors.

Convention delegates adopted a constitution and passed resolutions to protect pensions; to oppose efforts by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to promote corporate-funded, anti-worker legislation; and to fight proposals to cut Social Security and privatize Medicare.

This is the first founding convention for a subchapter in Minnesota Retirees United Chapter 5, which is currently in formation.

Northeast Minnesota subchapter

Pictured above are some of the officers elected by convention delegates. From left to right, in the front row, are: Janet Nelson (executive board), Barbara Ziemski (trustee) and Roger Dahlquist (executive board). In the back row, from left to right, are Ross Anderson (vice-president), Pam Lofquist (president) and Peggy Lundberg (executive board).

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