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During your work life, you had a strong union -- AFSCME. Now, let AFSCME be your retirement union.

As an AFSCME member, you know the value of union representation. It's the key to a secure income and dependable health care coverage. The same is true when you're retired. So, let AFSCME be your retirement union, so you'll be able to rely on the same kind of protection you had on the job.

Join an AFSCME retiree chapter and unite with fellow retirees to protect and improve your retirement benefits. Our chapters lobby Congress, appeal to state legislators, even fight city hall in the effort to defend retirement security. 

For more on joining or starting an AFSCME retiree group, click here.

The union’s 42 retiree chapters form a nationwide network called the AFSCME Retirees -- nearly 250,000 members strong. It’s the largest organization of public-sector retirees in the U. S. and the fastest growing retiree organization in the labor movement. 

From union headquarters in Washington, D.C., the Retirees Organization is protecting Social Security and Medicare. It’s the leading voice for public-sector retirees on Capitol Hill and in the senior citizen community.

The Retirees Organization also helps chapters around the country mount their own campaigns to preserve and enhance employer-sponsored retirement benefits. Here are just a few of their accomplishments:

  • New York COLA: As a result of nearly a decade of intense lobbying by AFSCME’s New York affiliates (CSEA Local 1000 and Retiree Chapter 1000; Council 82 and Retiree Chapter 82; and District Council 37 and Retiree Chapter 37), all public retirees in the state now have a permanent, annual cost of living adjustment (COLA) on their pensions.
  • Pennsylvania Drug Coverage: After years of struggle to pay for prescription drugs, Pennsylvania state government retirees won an employer-paid prescription drug card with reasonable co-pays.
  • Ohio COLA: Until recently, Ohio public retirees never knew from year to year whether they’d get a pension COLA -- an uncertainty that troubled AFSCME Retiree Chapter 1184.  With support from AFSCME’s working members, the Chapter lobbied the legislature with letters, postcards and office visits, until they won a  guaranteed 3% annual COLA for every Ohio public pensioner!
  • Part B Rebate in Hawaii & New York City: Medicare Part B premiums keep going up, so AFSCME’s Hawaii retirees (HGEA Chapter 152 and UPW Chapter 646) successfully lobbied their legislature to guarantee a full Part B rebate for retired public employees. In New York City, a recent campaign by Retiree Chapter 37 also won full reimbursement for Part B.
  • Dental Coverage in Illinois: The negotiating expertise of AFSCME Council 31—supported by the grassroots lobbying skills of Retiree Chapter 31--has led to an expanded health benefits package. The jewel in the crown? Employer-paid dental coverage for state retirees!
  • Los Angeles Survivor Coverage: Traditionally, Los Angeles, CA, paid for good health care coverage for city retirees and spouses, but denied benefits to survivors. To right this wrong, AFSCME Retiree Chapter 36 (with Council 36) went into action, convincing the city to extend health care coverage to surviving spouses.
  • Death Benefits in Rhode Island: As in many states, Rhode Island provides a lump sum death benefit to a retiree’s estate, but traditionally it was a small amount. Thanks to a lobbying campaign by Retiree Chapter 94, state retirees doubled the size of the death benefit. 

As the nation’s largest organization of public-sector retirees and the fastest-growing retiree organization in the entire labor movement, the AFSCME Retirees keeps members up to date on congressional action. It is the leading voice for public-sector retirees on Capitol Hill and in the senior citizen community.

So join the AFSCME Retirees today! Our strength is your security.

For more on joining or starting an AFSCME retiree group, click here.

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