28th International Convention - Los Angeles, CA (1988)


  1. Employment Services
  2. Quality Care for Abused and Neglected Children
  3. Career Mobility
  4. Retiree Health Care Coverage
  5. Private Non-profit Employees
  6. Organizing Opportunities under Immigration Amnesty
  7. Corrections Employees
  8. Drug Testing in the Workplace
  9. AIDS Education
  10. National Policy on Employment
  11. Free Universal Education
  12. Health Insurance for All Workers
  13. Increase the Minimum Wage
  14. Medicaid ICF/MR Reform
  15. Health Care Plan Cost Containment
  16. AIDS and Insurance Companies
  17. The Importance of PEOPLE Checkoff
  18. Sex Equity in Insurance
  19. Employee Participation in Eliminating Stigma of Mental Disabilities
  20. The National Housing Crisis
  21. PEOPLE Goal for 1990 Elections
  22. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
  23. Social Security and the Federal Deficit
  24. PEOPLE President Club/VIP
  25. Caseload Standards for Public Services
  26. Medicare Mandatory Assignment for Participating Physicians
  27. Support for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America (BSA/GSA)
  28. Pay Equity
  29. Anti-substance-abuse Program
  30. A New Policy for Peace in Central America
  31. Union Counselor Training
  32. Election Day Registration
  33. Asbestos in the Workplace
  34. Sexual Harassment
  35. National Clean Air Coalition
  36. Occupational Health and Safety
  37. School Lunch/School Breakfast Program
  38. Support for the National Council of Senior Citizens
  39. Public General Hospitals and Uncompensated Care
  40. Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  41. Election of AFSCME Leadership to AFL-CIO State and Local Central Body Leadership Positions
  42. Public Employee OSHA Plans
  43. Star Wars
  44. Indoor Air Pollution
  45. Justice in South Africa
  46. Child Care
  47. Collective Bargaining Legislation
  48. Care of Persons who are Homeless and Mentally Ill
  49. Professional Employees
  50. Develop Training in Video Techniques and Materials
  51. Internal Organizing
  52. Unemployment Compensation for School Employees
  53. Support for the Learning Impaired
  54. Rights of the Disabled and the Chronically Ill
  55. Support for the Family
  56. "Business Climate" vs Economic Development
  57. Expanded Training for Stewards
  58. Federal Aid to Education
  59. Restoring the Social Safety Net
  60. WIC Program and Legislation
  61. New Technology in the Public Sector
  62. Save Patient Care Technical Bargaining Unit at the University of California
  63. Eliminating Patient Violence in Health Care Settings
  64. Membership Communication
  65. Develop Media Training for AFSCME Leadership
  66. Retiree Health Benefits
  67. Sick Leave Banks
  68. Union Retirees and the AFL-CIO
  69. Shorter Work Week
  70. Infectious Diseases
  71. Participation in AFL-CIO Organizing Cooperatives
  72. Organizing Health Care Workers
  73. Oil Spills and Environment Protection
  74. State Workers Compensation Programs
  75. PEOPLE Committees
  76. Organizing in Traditionally Non-union States
  77. Contracting Out Correctional Facilities
  78. Desert Protection Act
  79. University of California Organizing Drive — Organizing Public and Private Colleges and Universities
  80. Contract Protections for Gays and Lesbians
  81. Lesbian and Gay Rights Legislation
  82. Situation in Chile
  83. Israel and the Palestine Problem
  84. Teenage Suicide
  85. Equality Training in our School System
  86. Organizing Spanish-speaking Workers
  87. Support for Korean Labor Movement
  88. The Caribbean
  89. American Labor History in Public Schools
  90. Minorities in AFSCME
  91. Recreation Unit Employees Support for Local 901 Los Angeles City
  92. Government and the Economy of the 1990's
  93. Preserving Federal Tax Reform
  94. State and Local Tax Reform
  95. State and Local Tax and Spending Limitations
  96. Welfare Reform, Not Workfare
  97. Long-term Care
  98. Health Care for All Americans
  99. Ending Segregation in the Workplace
  100. Contracting Out and Privitization
  101. Family and Medical Leave
  102. Opposing Taxation of State and Local Government and Non-profit Workers Benefits
  103. Recapture of Out-of-state Sales Tax Revenues
  104. Public Service International
  105. Advisory Committee on Young and New Workers
  106. Support for United Farm Workers
  107. Tribute to Michael Harrington
  108. White House Conference on Library and Information Services
  109. Private Contractors