36th International Convention - Anaheim, CA (2004)


  1. Building Community and Consumer Support for AFSCME Organizing Campaigns
  2. PEOPLE Training and Education
  3. PEOPLE Checkoff
  4. Making Nursing Homes Safe for Patients and for Workers
  5. Privatization - Government for Sale
  6. Winning First Contracts
  7. Retaining Veterans Job Services in the U.S. Department of Labor
  8. Supporting Redistricting Integrity
  9. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  10. Electronic Commerce and the State Sales and Use Tax
  11. Creation of High Quality Manufacturing Jobs
  12. Correctional Officer and Employee Federal Legislative Agenda
  13. Support the "American Parity Act" to Protect Vital Public Services and Invest in America
  14. Restore Fundamental Civil and Employment Rights
  15. Developing a Union Agenda for Shaping Change in Government
  16. Civil Service Reform
  17. Management Rights
  18. Employment Security and the Workforce System
  19. The Nurse Staffing Crisis
  20. The Crisis in Public Schools
  21. Overcoming Barriers to Women in Organizing and Leadership
  22. Goals of the PEOPLE Program
  23. Fight the Bush Assault on Workplace Safety
  24. Permanent Partner Immigration Resolution
  25. Making Best Use of Expanded Voting Options
  26. Opposing Block Grants
  27. Fully Fund Highway and Transit Programs
  28. Workforce Investment Act and Job Training
  29. Affordable Prescription Drugs
  30. Preserving Worker Access to the Courts
  31. Raising Contribution Limits for Political Action Committees
  32. Organizer Training for AFSCME Staff
  33. Building Council and Local Organizing Programs by Increasing the Involvement of Members
  34. Take Back State Courts
  35. Child Care is a Need and a Right
  36. Joint Training and Workforce Development Program
  37. Protecting the Rights of Federal Employees
  38. Putting Politics over Science
  39. Equal Rights for Gay and Lesbian Citizens
  40. Feasibility Study Researching International's Ability to Administer Membership Healthcare Services
  41. Direct Care Worker Organizing
  42. Ensuring Universal Access to the Ballot Box
  43. Strengthening AFSCME and its Affiliates' Organizing Efforts
  44. Commitment of AFSCME to Organize Court Interpreters
  45. Preserving Section 8 Housing Vouchers
  46. Repeal Sections of the USA Patriot Act
  47. Preserving and Expanding Head Start
  48. Increasing Representation on Public Pension Plan Investment Boards
  49. Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  50. Organize to Improve Quality Jobs: Revive Civil Rights Unionism
  51. Crisis in Haiti
  52. Organizing Pension Power to Fight Corporate Abuse and Preserve Secure Retirements for Members
  53. Increase Funding for First Responders
  54. Reparations
  55. Accountability of Non-profit Organizations That Rely on Public Funds
  56. The Health Care Crisis
  57. Preserving Social Security for Future Generations of Workers
  58. Preserving Retirement Security
  59. Support for AFSCME Local 1224 and Access to Higher Education for AFSCME Members and their Families
  60. Support the March for Our Lives
  61. Use 9/11 Funds to Build Low-income Housing, Create Jobs, and Provide Healthcare Coverage for New Yorkers
  62. Global Warming
  63. Oppose Pre-emptive War
  64. Support the Right to Fully-funded, Fully-empowered School Boards
  65. Email Communications
  66. Defend Affirmative Action; Call for Ward Connerly to Resign as University of California Regent
  67. Preventing Harassment
  68. Preserving the Integrity of the Judicial Nominations Process
  69. Opposing Efforts to Restrict Political Speech
  70. Oppose the Bush Plan to Strip Overtime Protections from Workers
  71. Keep Public Service Jobs at Home
  72. Fully Funding Voter Registration and Mobilization Programs
  73. Federal Budget and Tax Policies
  74. Extending Fiscal Relief for Burdened State and Local Governments
  75. AARP & Medicare
  76. A Fair and Balanced Media in America
  77. 2004 Council and Local Political Action Programs
  78. State Legislative Agenda for Protecting Public Services
  79. Employee Free Choice Act
  80. Twenty-First Century Committee
  81. Opposing Private Prisons and Budget Cuts
  82. César E. Chavez National Holiday Campaign