32nd International Convention - Chicago, IL (1996)


  1. AFSCME and the Internet
  2. Negotiating Managed Health Care Plans
  3. Pay Equity
  4. Professional Employees
  5. Getting AFSCME Involved in Talk Radio
  6. Increase Federal Housing and Community Development Block Grant Funding
  7. PEOPLE Committees
  8. Understaffing, Overcrowding and Violence in Prisons and Jails
  9. President's Club Incentive Program
  10. Preserving the Nation's Safety Net
  11. Community Action
  12. Quality and Corporatization of Health Care
  13. Health Security for All Americans
  14. Fighting Contracting Out and Privatization
  15. Privatization of Prisons
  16. Social Security Cost-of-living Adjustments
  17. Ergonomics
  18. The Contingent Workforce
  19. Organizing Group Homes
  20. Sweatshops
  21. Gangs in Prisons and Jails
  22. Stress Management
  23. Community Support for Collective Bargaining
  24. The Environment and AFSCME
  25. Sale of Body Armor
  26. "Cop Killer" Bullets
  27. Fireman's Rule
  28. Protecting the Environment and the Jobs of AFSCME's Environmental Workers
  29. Private Security
  30. Execution of Resolutions
  31. Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights
  32. Affirmative Action Under Attack by the 104th Congress
  33. Hazardous Materials Transportation
  34. Counseling for Disabled Police Officers
  35. Clarification of the Tax Treatment of Certain Disability Benefits Received by Former Connecticut Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters
  36. Supporting America's Working Families
  37. United Way
  38. Reaffirming AFSCME's Commitment to Members with Disabilities
  39. Retirees: A Resource for AFSCME Political Action
  40. PEOPLE Goal for 1998 Elections
  41. Flow Control of Municipal Solid Waste
  42. Support for the Martinez-McDermott Jobs Bill - H.R. 1591
  43. Protecting Workplace Health and Safety
  44. PEOPLE Checkoff and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTS)
  45. Organizing School Support Employees
  46. AFSCME Advantage
  47. Workplace Violence
  48. Tuberculosis
  49. Steward Recognition
  50. Privatizing Public Hospitals
  51. Violence Against Women
  52. Using Strategic Planning to Build a Strong Union
  53. Advisory Council on Social Security
  54. Childcare
  55. Providing Greater Educational Opportunities for All Americans
  56. Fight the Oregon Right-to-work Ballot Measure
  57. Halt Federal Funds for Labor Lawbreakers
  58. Increase Minimum Wage
  59. Protecting the Rights of Health Care and Child Care Workers
  60. Civil Rights for Gay Men and Lesbians
  61. Budget Autonomy for the District of Columbia
  62. AIDS Resolution
  63. The Million Man March
  64. Juvenile Rehabilitation Workers
  65. AFSCME, the Media and Working Women and Men
  66. Supporting Public Infrastructure Investment
  67. Protecting Pension Assets and Increasing Portability
  68. Defending Medicare/Medicaid
  69. The New Voice for the AFL-CIO
  70. Volunteer Organizing Committees
  71. Corporate Welfare and Job Security
  72. America Needs a Raise and a Living Wage
  73. Prison Labor
  74. Confronting "Workfare"
  75. Fighting Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
  76. United Farm Workers
  77. In Support of Striking Workers at Detroit Newspapers
  78. Arson Attacks on Black Churches
  79. Support for "Project Open Mind"
  80. Members Only Benefit
  81. Labor Solidarity
  82. Investing in Stocks of Worker-friendly Companies
  83. Task Force for AFSCME's Future